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Educational Programs

Photo: Jim Ferguson

MSQ at Homer Public Library, Homer, Alaska

Our dedication to music extends into the realm of education, where we offer programs designed to bring the joy of music to individuals of all ages. We have a range of programs suitable for elementary and middle-school students, which we have presented in educational institutions and libraries spanning from New Jersey to Alaska.

Among our diverse programs and themes are:

  1. "The Four Seasons" In this program, we deliver quartet renditions of Vivaldi's renowned masterpieces while providing narration and explanations of the accompanying sonnets.

  2. "Poetry and Music" "Poetry and Music" pairs excerpts from compositions by various composers with the poetic works of Shel Silverstein. This program can be customized to inspire students to craft their own poems and create art to complement the music.

  3. "A Musical Journey" Our classic program tailored for young audiences, originally developed by George Marriner Maull, takes spectators on a musical voyage. It unravels the mysteries of how our instruments produce sound and how these sounds harmonize to form a captivating world of music.


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