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Educational Programs

Photo: Jim Ferguson

MSQ at Homer Public Library, Homer, Alaska

Our passion for music extends to education, presenting programs that bring music to all ages. We have several programs that are appropriate for elementary and middle-school age children, and have presented them in schools and libraries from New Jersey to Alaska. 

Some of our programs and themes include:

The Four Seasons

In this program, we perform quartet versions of all four of Vivaldi's masterworks, with narration and explanation of the sonnets that accompany them.

Poetry and Music

“Poetry and Music” pairs movements and excerpts of pieces by various composers with the poems of Shel Silverstein. This program can be tailored to encourage students to compose their own poems and produce art to accompany the music.

A Musical Journey

Our classic young people's program, first developed by George Marriner Maull, takes the audience on a musical journey to discover how our instruments make sound, and how those sounds come together to create a world of music.



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